Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to become our companion...

Bread Share:
We are offering a 24 week bread share that coincides with the regular season of Fair Share Farm’s CSA  Our farmers (and friends), Tom and Rebecca, have been providing healthy, sustainable food for over a decade to members of their CSA and at local Farmer’s Markets.  They produce some of best fruits and vegetables we’ve ever eaten.  Rebecca and Tom have offered to let us distribute our bread share with the weekly distributuion of their farm shares.  If you are already a member of Fair Share Farm think about adding a bread share and picking up a loaf or two of bread with your weekly farm share.

How it works:
Sign up for a bread share.  Pay for your share in no more than 4 installments by July 31, 2015.  Each week on Wednesday or Saturday at one of the Fair Share Farm pick-up locations there will be a tote of packaged bread and one (or more) of the packages will have your name on it.  Take your bread along with your veggies and enjoy.

Options and pricing for the 2015 Bread Share:

Pain Ordinaire* Share 
(*French for “ordinary bread” which is anything but ordinary)
1 loaf of bread per week for 24 weeks: $100
There will be a rotation of six different breads throughout the season. 
The breads in this share:

Pain au Levain (Bread leavened with wild yeast is an example of a simple bread that tastes great because of the way it is handled and baked)

Pain de Campagne (French Country bread is leavened with wild yeast and incorporates whole wheat flour and rye flour into the final dough)

French (a long pre-ferment adds to the complexities of flavor in this simple loaf of bread leavened with commercial yeast)

French Whole Wheat (same as the French but the majority of the flour is whole wheat which adds a nutty-earthy flavor as well as some health benefits)

Golden Semolina (a golden-yellow bread great for breakfast made with semolina and bread flour and leavened with commercial yeast)

7-Grain Bread (a healthy combination of 7 whole grains, whole wheat flour, and bread flour leavened with both wild and commercial yeast)

Pain Extraordinaire* Share 
(*French for “extraordinary bread”: great bread with seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruit to make it even better)
1 loaf of bread per week for 24 weeks: $125
There will be a rotation of six different breads throughout the season. 
The breads in this share:

Rosemary (an aromatic wonderfully tasting loaf of bread leavened with wild yeast)

Kalamata Olive (leavened with wild yeast the strong flavor of olives and sourdough combine to make a great tasting bread)

Carmelized Onion and Poppy Seed (locally grown onions slowly carmelized are incorporated into the dough which is topped with poppy seeds to create a great flavored sourdough bread)

3 Seeds:1 Bread (flax, charnushka, and sesame seeds mixed into the dough and embedded in the crust to create a nice looking loaf with great flavor: leavened with both wild and commercial yeast)

Fennel and Golden Raisin (fennel seed and golden raisins are added to the Golden Sesame recipe to create a great loaf of bread with a very distinctive flavor: leavened with commercial yeast)

Jalapeno Garlic (bread with a kick leavened with wild yeast and infused with locally grown peppers and garlic)

Why paper bags?
Hearth breads are intended to have crusty crusts.  It adds to the preservation and taste of the bread.  Paper bags do not trap moisture and allow the crust to  maintain its texture.  Our breads are best eaten within the week.  If you are going to keep the bread to eat later we suggest freezing your loaf in plastic and defrosting it on the counter when you are ready to eat.

Our commitment to you:
We commit to use only organic flour that has been milled sustainably in all our breads.  For those who become members of the bread share we commit to delivering bread into your hands within 24 hours of coming out of the oven.  We commit to working hard to provide you with bread that tastes good, looks good, and is good for you.

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