Friday, February 13, 2015

About our name...

Companion is the derivative of two Latin words. The prefix “com-“ (with) and the root word “panis” (bread) are combined to create a word that, with the suffix “-ion”, can litterally be translated “being together with bread”.  When the english suffix “-ship” is added to the word companion it signifies even more explicity the character of the relationship.  Therefore, the word companionship signifies the virtue/character developed when we share bread with others.  Companionship is deeply rooted in the way we share bread.

Enough of the English lesson!  Really it is all about the character and virtue nutured through sharing bread (and a meal in general).  When two people, or communities of people, share bread they are bound together through this simple humanizing act.  Sharing bread is an act of peace, reconciliation, and the willingness to recognize the humanity of our neighbors.  No wonder some of our closest companions are the people we share food with regularly.  We hope that we can do our small part in bringing people together to share bread and through this nurture the virtue of companionship in us all.

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